Coronavirus personal protective equipmen

Delivering bulk wholesale PPE to those who need it most.

And as a US non-profit, we’re also donating to schools, music and arts, and communities everywhere. Because we believe in a beautiful tomorrow.


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Certified, Tested, Ready to ship  PPE Solutions

PPE Supplies

REST assured with factory direct access. LUXITA for LIFE is proud to say that we have direct relationships with Dr. Boo and Best Safe, through our Regional Director Piyapan Paoin. We have manufacturer direct contact with SAVIE and Oasis brands as well. Please contact us for more information.

About Us

The LUXITA for LIFE team is woman-owned, women-led, and dedicated to the cause of humanity. We employ quality control specialists, logistics experts, and a top-notch team across the board to serve our customers the absolute best in purchasing bulk PPE products. We provide supplies directly from the manufacturer or warehouse, straight to your business. Quality controlled to ensure your satisfaction, we offer high-quality products in the large quantities that businesses need. We proudly serve local governmental institutions, educational facilities, and businesses with a focus on Japan and the United States.

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Non-profit wholesaler of PPE supplies

LUXITA for LIFE is a registered US non-profit organization, with profits dedicated toward funding for the arts, music programs, and community benefit. We believe our recent transition to providing competitively priced PPE is an extension of the globally conscious mindset LUXITA for LIFE embraces. Our philanthropical efforts for under-served and underfunded schools and communities in the US and beyond are a reflection of our commitment to a better future.


As a woman-owned, women-led, woman-powered company, LUXITA for LIFE strongly believes in the power of women to effect change for the greater good. Our commitment to the music and arts is a reflection of our profound respect for the role arts play in healing the world, strengthening our minds, and improving the whole of humanity.


Our company is founded and run by a mother of three, with employees who represent women of all ages and stages. It is a company value to embrace the heart of femininity and hold the barriers that women have historically faced in the workplace at eye-level in order to offer the world our services and support while also giving back to the communities with funding that is proven to bolster the success of children, promote peace, and combat poverty.