An unprecedented scene in Harajuku

Japan is not seeing the same crowds as last week.

As Corona Spikes, even on a holiday weekend where Harajuku is usually filled with shoppers, the streets are desolate, a 180-degree difference from last week when everyone popped out to pray per new year tradition.

Yoyogi Park was absent of the dancing Elvis groups, the rock band, and gothic mimic dressers...

And the saddening part was the ghost town Takeshita Street, which is notorious for bustling crowds of tourists. We were the only non-Japanese, now a rare sight in this island country. Shop vendors were very aggressively approaching us for business, not the typical wait and smile type of "omotenashi" soft sales due to this pandemic. My children were showered with free gifts from shops when we even made one small purchase.

The world is struggling and my heart goes out to shop owners and also to industries that rely on tourists for business.

is working around the clock to support those most affected by the pandemic.

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