Shout out to working parents

From the time I founded my company in 2009, I have always implemented a woman and family-friendly environment. When I opened my first office and salon, I provided music and art classes ON THE 1st floor with childcare for my staff and my own kids, subsidized 100% by my company.

Now, even with the pandemic and sudden switch of office to remote over the past gear, we have grown stronger. While others lost time to restructure, we could take advantage of the strong existing structure.

Today, my boys and their friend visited. My staff welcomed them.

Down the hall, there’s a lobby, where we hold meetings for clients with children.

Remote or on-site, we at LUXITA, LUXITA for LIFE, support both mothers and fathers.

We welcome our team and yours - as family, with your family.

Learn more about our PPE non-profit which links buyers to sellers and offers reasonable procurement services and logistics advisory to assist in bringing life-saving goods in wholesale, to your institution without the hassle and in haste.

Thank you for your continued support as we enter into our next contract to bring in masks for governmental distribution to Japan. 🇯🇵