We fund and support emotional wellness programs

The emotional well-being of the general public, due to lack of human to human contact is a grave concern. I am interested to know the death rate of COVID versus suicides and overdoses or gun-related crimes due to even more insanity due to broken marriages, loss of jobs, increased violent gaming, depression...

Keeping healthy physically with stringent measures to self-isolate versus the repercussions of the emotional effects of the extreme isolation choices - must come to a healthy balance.

Funds from sales of PPE through my firm and partners of luxita4life.com support programs to help the emotional well-being of the public through music and arts and other programs to keep the mind well.

We did find one lady who got out in her Harajuku furry fashion (3rd picture) today. I hope that others can still find fun in dressing up, even when there’s nowhere to really go. Even if it’s merely for a change of mood.