About the Founder

Janica Southwick, a US-born entrepreneur with an amazing heart for the global cause and nearly twenty years of logistics experience, repurposed her nail polish brand to meet a global crisis head-on. Southwick has been working with imports and logistics since 2003 and served as an advisor for Japan's top Nikkei companies in various roles. 


Shortly after her company's nail polish product debut in 2019, the world screeched to a seeming halt. Janica met the crisis with a call to action for her company: she would repurpose LUXITA for LIFE in order to offer quality-controlled, competitively priced wholesale PPE to the places needing personal protective equipment the most.


janicaprofile 2.jpeg

Southwick’s entrepreneurial spirit and humanitarian heart were called into action again as she observed the personal protective gear shortage and recognized the growing demand for quality check PPE that met and surpassed the quickly-changing and hard-to-follow guidelines set forth by government officials, health organizations, and the US FDA.


Using her proven methods of forging valuable business relationships, securing the best experts to advise and assist, and employing her own top-level logistics expertise, Janica Southwick launched the next big thing for her LUXITA brand. She is now offering competitive wholesale pricing for bulk PPE with top-industry standards defining the quality of gear she sources and dispatches to the places that need quality PPE.


Personal Protective Equipment might be in short supply, but Luxita now offers a competitively priced option for hospitals, schools, organizations, and private businesses in need of quality PPE. Janica is personally committed to directing her woman-owned and woman-operated business in successfully supplying the market with face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and more needed PPE for medical and professional use.


In addition to her many accomplishments and talents, Southwick has built LUXITA upon the idea philanthropy and giving back to the communities define our world. With this philanthropical mindset, the LUXITA founder has dedicated the proceeds of wholesale PPE to educational opportunities and community funding, particularly music and arts funding.


The vision Janica Southwick has for LUXITA for LIFE brands is expansive and meets the global crisis with fierce strategy and precise execution. As she answers the need for personal protective equipment while continuing to support education and music and arts, Southwick shows how Luxita is helping to shape a better life for many around the globe, and in her original home, the US.


Southwick’s quick about-face toward helping to ensure the availability of PPE to companies and organizations demonstrates her ability to answer the problem with solutions that serve the greater good while helping to build communities for a beautiful tomorrow. LUXITA is a brand built on the idea of beauty, fueled by the importance of wellness, and sustained by a professional understanding of how to navigate every aspect of a business that is meant to serve and succeed—even as the world remains a quickly changing and difficult place to navigate.


The founder has a small and dedicated team of women who are the collective face of LUXITA for LIFE. This, too, reflects her vision of female empowerment and the propulsion of successful women into the professional spheres they not so long ago were denied a part of. Janica Southwick embraces the feminine as a whole. It is a defining feature of her luxury brand, but it also is rooted deeply in the idea of the feminine as a complex and multi-faceted concept.


Janica Southwick is a mompreneur—mother of three—and this maternal aspect is not to be dismissed or ignored in the reasons for her success. It is the mompreneurs spirit to see a problem—such as the PPE shortage—and solve the problem. It is, even more, a testament to her powerful prowess as a womanpreneur: while supplying PPE to those scouring to find online availability of masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and more, she is still finding ways to dedicate funds to communities in need and music and arts organizations who will help ensure that our world will survive with the arts intact.