Our Mission

Non-profit wholesalers of PPE supplies to fund music and arts programs: solving today's problems and creating a brighter tomorrow.

The LUXITA for LIFE mission has always been about serving the world we live in, so our quick shift in direction to acquire and distribute personal protective equipment to those looking for wholesale PPE was a simple choice. From luxury nail salons and high-end nail polish, to non-profit work in educational institutions and music and arts program funding, LUXITA for LIFE is a non-profit US owned company that is dedicated to the highest quality and the highest good. Shortly after our nail-polish launch in November 2019, our nail polish production saw a halt in production as factories in Italy, China, and beyond shifted their production focus to PPE: face masks, gowns, gloves, and hand sanitizer.



As our founder watched the global crisis unfold, and observed the growing problem with PPE shortage, shipment and transport difficulties, and an exponential need for action, Janica Southwick quickly repurposed LUXITA to the cause that mattered most in the moment. Now, her team of savvy female employees are on the ground in Japan working to develop every essential aspect of LUXITA for LIFE’s new mission to supply PPE to hospitals, professional offices, community organizations, and whomever needs wholesale, bulk PPE.


Janica Southwick has a long-standing connection with major warehouses and manufacturers in Japan and Hong Kong, as she has served as a logistics expert and chief advisor in one of Japan’s top shipping companies. This is a crucial element in LUXITA’s mission, because beyond securing and supplying PPE, our company’s unique and invaluable grasp and command of effective logistics sets us apart from many online PPE suppliers. Our understanding of the quickly shifting export climate, and various codes, tariffs, and other aspects affecting the import/export of PPE gear and essential item supply is part of what truly sets LUXITA for LIFE at the forefront of competitive pricing and unbeatable reliability when it comes to the sale of personal protective equipment.


During this incredible time of need, we continue to offer competitive wholesale pricing for face masks, gloves, PPE gowns, and hand sanitizer, and we also continue to serve our non-profit mission to dedicate proceeds to communities and schools for funding the music and arts. The LUXITA 4 LIFE mission is about the current need and the future cause to be better. We have a mission for today and a vision tomorrow, which is why we dedicate our efforts to PPE wholesale supply and commit to our monetary funding of music and arts in organizations and under-served communities in the US and beyond.


Because our mission is truly about the human cause for today and tomorrow, we have a competitive drive to remain committed to the absolute highest level of quality and reliability. Our commitment to quality and reliability reflects in our relationship with our bulk PPE purchasing customers, where we communicate directly with top-notch customer service from our multi-lingual team that has a combined experience of several decades in the world of B2B retail and logistics, with a record of success that places us in the top of our industry.


LUXITA 4 LIFE has hope that our commitment to change and solution will have meaning and impact, and that tomorrow will be a beautiful place for the next generation. This is why we dedicate our proceeds to funding the cause of music and arts. Today, we must serve the needs of our medical communities and organizations with wholesale PPE, hand sanitizer, high quality masks in order to meet the Coronavirus crisis. But tomorrow, when the mission has been met and our children are growing in the world toward a better tomorrow, we believe our cause through the arts will help to grow the world in the right direction.


Committed to quality, our PPE is always sourced from the highest standards of inspection and quality control. Our masks, protective gloves, sterile gowns, and protective gear is always quality checked and closely monitored through the entire process of sourcing, securing, and shipping. Our close relationships with manufacturers, warehouses, and transport entities ensure our PPE products meet our mission of highest quality and reliable delivery.


As many companies struggle to secure reliable delivery of PPE, skyrocketing costs for essential PPE items like face masks and high quality hand sanitizer and gloves, we offer competitive pricing to meet our goals of serving those who are looking for bulk shipments of the personal protective gear their companies and organizations need most.


LUXITA 4 LIFE remains committed to cause for humanity. It’s our commitment to our communities and our dedication to making a positive impact as global citizens: to use our knowledge, talents, and innovative ways to give the world what the world needs in a moment of crisis and uncertainty. Please contact us for more information about wholesale PPE costs for your company or organization. Our team is happy to help determine your needs and determine a personalized plan for your PPE needs, whether gloves, hand sanitizer, highest quality face masks, or other PPE gear and quality checked protective equipment. Our mission is solving the problems of today while planning for a beautiful tomorrow: because LUXITA 4 LIFE is all about solutions for humans.